SPOT acronym

What makes you smile?

This is such a simple question yet the response has the potential to reveal a lot about the respondent, which makes it a great question to have on the application form that my daughter was filling in a couple of days ago. I explained that the company would be looking for specific qualities that would make her an excellent fit for the job.

This got me thinking about the type of responses that teachers might give to this question:

We smile when a child announces that ‘AAAAH I get it now’ after we have spent our break time explaining something that they hadn’t quite grasped the first time around.


We smile when an idea about how to present something comes to us just before, or during, a session, so we adapt our original plan, and it works out so much better.


We smile when we are relating the experience of a lesson that we felt was not very effective to a colleague, and as we're talking it through we start to see what caused the problems and how it can be avoided next time.


We smile when we discover a better way to teach something by carrying out some class-based research.   


We smile when a child can’t wait to share some important news with us because they know that we are interested in what’s going on in their lives, and not only what happens in the classroom.


We smile when a parent tells us that our child loves coming to school because previously they struggled, but we have helped them to see that struggle is part of learning and mistakes are welcomed because we all learn from them. 


We smile when a parent tells us that they love the fact that we spend time celebrating the talents of all children and not just those who excel academically or at sport.


We smile when a child comes back after several years and tells us that we helped them to develop a love for a particular subject that they are now pursuing at a higher level.


We smile when we get to the holidays and enjoy a well-earned break because we have done absolutely everything that we can for the children in our care.


As a teacher, what would you add to this list?