Recognising Fractions KS2

One of the reasons for some pupils' confusion when learning fractions is that they consider the numerators and denominators as whole numbers rather than as representing the relationship between the part and the whole.


In this PowerPoint (consisting of 9 interactive slides plus printables) there is an emphasis on recognising the whole unit and the relationship between the parts and the whole unit.


Sometimes, shapes and single pizzas are the predominant images used when working on the recognition of fractions, so these activities include multiple pizzas as the whole unit, paper folding - which can then be related to fractions on a number line - and the use of counters as an introduction to fractions of quantities.  

Recognising Fractions KS2

    • Misconceptions are explored, such as the idea that the same fraction can produce a different number of counters, or a different number of pieces, depending on the whole unit.


    • Printables and answers are included to minimise preparation time.


    • Each slide has accompanying notes to assist teachers when working on the development of concepts with pupils. 
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