Place Value KS1

This Powerpoint resource (consisting of 52 interactive slides plus printables) enables pupils to recognise two-digit numbers before focusing on understanding that the first digit represents groups of 10. 


A range of models and images, interactive activities and games are utilised to encourage reasoning and develop understanding. Click on the thumbnails above for menus.


Games are also included to consolidate ideas and promote discussion by justifying choices. Instructions and demonstration slides are provided, as well as printable resources, so that the games can be played as a whole class or within groups. The rules and numbers can be changed to suit the stage of the pupils or to focus on a particular objective.

Place Value KS1

    • Number line activities are used to emphasise where numbers are positioned in relation to each other. 


    • Grouping into tens shows pupils how this helps when counting and how it relates to the representation of two-digit numbers. 


    • Partitioning activities are included which enable flexibility when calculating.


    • Pupils count from any two-digit number (e.g. 23) and jump backward or forward in 10s since this helps them to see the digits pattern in the sequences.


    • Printables and answers are included to minimise preparation time.


    • Each slide has accompanying notes to assist teachers when working on the development of concepts with pupils.  
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