Comparing Fractions

This interactive Powerpoint (consisting of 46 interactive slides plus printables) helps pupils to compare fractions.


When asked to compare or order fractions, pupils sometimes automatically think about finding common denominators, and in some cases, this is what is needed.


However, there are also situations where pupils can use reasoning, such as when the fractions have the same denominator, the same numerator or can easily be compared to 1 or ½.


Using fraction circles, fraction strips, fraction walls and number lines can help pupils to understand these ideas initially before moving towards working abstractly with fractions once they understand why a method works by using visual images.


Statements are used to provoke discussion since pupils need to explain why they agree or disagree with the statement or give examples of the circumstances when the statement is true or false.


Games are also included to consolidate ideas and promote discussion by justifying choices. Instructions and demonstration slides for the games are provided, as well as printable resources, so that the games can be played as a whole class or within groups.

Comparing Fractions

    • Printables and answers are included to minimise preparation time.


    • Each slide has accompanying notes to assist teachers when working on the development of concepts with pupils.