Christmas Activities Set One    (5 to 7 Years)

Get into the festive spirit while providing your students with the opportunity to apply reasoning to maths tasks in the days leading up to Christmas. They can be used at the start of each day, or when there is a convenient slot. Alternatively, they can be incorporated into the daily maths lesson.


Paired work is encouraged since the discussions that result when working together help to clarify students’ thoughts and ideas. Each slide contains notes that give advice on how to use the activities, what to look out for, and answers where applicable.

Christmas Activities Set One (5 to 7 Years)

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  • This presentation includes twenty-four activities that include games and problems such as comparing pupil feet lengths to reindeer lengths, sharing out buttons when building snowmen, making geometric tree decorations and how to collect and show data on favourite reindeer names.


    This set of activities is suitable for 5 to 7 year olds.