Addition and Subtraction Facts to 10

This Powerpoint resource (consisting of 157 interactive slides plus printables) links addition and subtraction using visual images including bar models and number lines which can be used as pupils progress to larger numbers.


Once pupils understand the link, they can be more flexible with calculating; lots of us add rather than subtract even when faced with a subtraction calculation.


A range of models and images, interactive activities and games are utilised to encourage reasoning and develop understanding. Click on the thumbnails above for menus.


Games are also included to consolidate ideas and promote discussion by justifying choices. Instructions and demonstration slides are provided, as well as printable resources, so that the games can be played as a whole class or within groups. 


Practical problems are used to provide an opportunity for pupils to apply the addition and subtraction facts.

Addition and Subtraction Facts to 10

    • Bar models are used since they are a useful way for pupils to see the links between the two operations.


    • Vertical and horizontal number lines are included so that pupils become familiar with this model at an early stage, given its usefulness when adding and subtracting with larger numbers.


    • There is also an emphasis on spotting patterns. Pupils of all abilities seem to be able to spot patterns and this should be encouraged; allowing pupils to share what they have spotted with the rest of the class encourages more pattern spotting!


    • Printables and answers are included to minimise preparation time.


    • Each slide has accompanying notes to assist teachers when working on the development of concepts with pupils.  
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