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It's the perfect weather for a maths trail.

This is an example trail that can be used with Year 5 that focuses on number.

Use your athletics lessons to collect data by measuring then work with this data back in the classroom while also comparing it to youth records for those events.

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Are your pupils struggling when presented with word problems?

Have a look at this article to see how this approach can help.

Approximately 3 activities to get your pupils thinking about this irrational number on Pi Day. 

Read about Pi Day activities.

Earth's Rotation Day.jpg

Click here for a slide that can be used in the classroom which introduces a problem connected to the Earth's rotation slowing down.


Click on the image to download a place value slider up to 100.

place value cards.jpg

Click on the image to download a place value cards.


Click on the image to download digit cards.


Click on the image to visit where you can download squared paper of various sizes.


Click here for a Powerpoint containing three digit games that involve reasoning. 

Get your pupils reasoning about why these calculations must be wrong without actually doing the calculations.

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This version is designed to

work  on iOS and Mac OS.

Download this multiplication grid which clearly shows the symmetry of the multiplication facts above and below the red line of square numbers.

Read about how to get your pupils using times tables fluently.

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Wondering what to put on your maths working wall? Click on the image for a PDF file containing headings to get you started.


Read more about working walls.


Click on the image to download a place value slider up to 1000.


Click on the image to download a 100 grid.


Click on the image to download a number line.