...the primary question was not what do we know, but how do we know it.”    Aristotle 

How do they not remember this? 
A colourful brain making connections

How many times have you taught some maths to pupils who appear to grasp it, and you think the job is done, only to revisit the topic a few weeks later and experience a sea of blank faces staring at you as though you have started speaking in a strange language?


We provide ideas that help to engage pupils and embed the learning.

Help children to understand maths through 
exploring and reasoning...
A group of students discussing maths together

Take a look at our lesson ideas, resources, activities and games which have been designed to engage pupils and strengthen their understanding. 

Speech Bubble
Cards from a pack
Teacher working on maths with students
Your maths learning environment...
  • Are pupils happy to make mistakes?

  • Is there lots of discussion during maths sessions?

  • What can be seen on the walls?

  • Where does maths happen?

  • Do pupils help themselves to visual resources and dictionaries?

  • Are pupils reluctant to finish the session?