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Our Aim

We want all pupils and teachers to be declaring that they love maths.


However, this will only happen if time-pressed teachers are given the help, ideas and resources to enable them to teach maths in an engaging way, while also developing conceptual understanding.

We also aim to be responsive to what you need so go to contacts and tell us what is your most pressing issue...


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Tricia is a secondary trained maths teacher who has been teaching in the primary sector for the last twelve years (after having a break from teaching to firstly develop computer systems and then to look after her small children).


Five years ago, she embarked on the MasT course, which involved class based research as well as university study, to become a primary maths specialist. Her passion for improving practice - both her own and that of others - led her to start Mathsmoves.


It was also a response to requests from colleagues and parents about how best to explore various aspects of the maths curriculum with children.